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80. The Layouts -

The portraits will eventually be exhibited as individual portraits - large scale photographic prints. Or as light projections. Not as displayed above. But for reasons to compare the imagery I created the above compositions to compare the layouts and backgrounds.

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79. Myself - Anneke -

Anneke Stewart Mother of 2 cute as kids Reiki Master, Vipassana meditator, Energy healer PG Dip in Sculpture, Degree in Design.

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78. Devi Ānanda -

Devī Ānanda: Bio and Blub. Ngati Kuia Indigo Starseed Neo Shamanic healer, Intuitive, bowen & fascia therapist, Quantum Freedom Therapy Practitioner, Placenta Encapsulation, Shamanic Doula, Yoga Teacher, beloved husband and 5 children. Studied Neo Shamanic School, Dip Sports Science, Dip Advanced, Dip Sports Massage, Bowen Therapy, Bikram Teacher training. My beloved and I own Living Essence NZ, Christchurch. We support Hauora ( health & wellbeing ) for whanau and the community. We offer healings, retreats, yoga and courses. Deeply grateful for this mahi.   Devi and I have known each-other in passing since the 90's but have been working together...

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77. Teorangi Munro -

Teorangi Munro Mother of 3 beautiful daughters, and step mother to another gorgeous girl. Thai Chi practitioner , Yogi, Meditator, and spiritual mentor. Owner of her own successful Salon. Mentor and nurturer of many. One of my oldest and closest friends. She has been a constant life companion, we have a connection that we know is not isolated to this existence. It is connections like this that I share with all the women in these portraits. I am honoured to have Teo in my life.    

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76. Asti Renaut -

  Asti Renaut: Bio and personal blurb. Naturopath & Medical Herbalist BHSc(Comp Med), BA, Adv Dip Herb Med, Adv Dip Nat, MNZAMH, MNMHNZ Always learning and forgetting and remembering the art of balance, presence and peace. Yoga and writing keep me connecting. Sharing my life with good friends is the richness and the joy and the humour. Deep love of family, and being deeply loved by family, is a blessed foundation. And wide open skies, the abundant wonder of plants growing in all their expressions of being. Wonder full stop. Seeing beauty and feeling the honour and the awe. Gratitude. Noticing....

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