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71. Freya’s Hens -

My background. My heritage is Viking! Freya's hens, while not a prominent narrative in many traditional mythologies or texts, can be explored through an ecofeminist lens. For the purposes of this analysis, we'll consider a hypothetical narrative where Freya, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and war, possesses hens that play a significant role in her life or in the mythology. 1. The Interconnectedness of Women and Nature: Ecofeminism posits a connection between the oppression of women and the degradation of nature. In the narrative of Freya's hens, the hens can be symbolic of women — both are often...

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To create the illusion of stars, and depth it would appear that water; light reflections on Dark water, offer the best solution in alignment with the Mandala - a signature of my art practice, as well as offering the alignment to my art theory discussion; cycles of time, governed by the moon/tides. I explored different options for backgrounds and imagery for behind the sisters. Dark Water mandalas have been th most successful to dat. I now need to focus on creating a series of new photographic works to place behind the portraits And FAST!  

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65. An excursion through Photoshop w Misi -

In order to rule it out it was important to entertain the idea of digital manipulation of the photos. However, after going through the process with find and business partner Melissa Sharplin, I recognised that not only was this not in alignment with my traditional photographic background, of designing the composition, the lighting and the components, but Also, it is not in alignment with the ecofeminist understanding of technological intervention over women. Nonetheless the process was an important learning exercise, and Misi though me lots of things I did not know in photoshop that will be helpful for future artistic Anneke...

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