62. Discarding NFT's

62. Discarding NFT's

Utilising NFTs for the realisation of ecofeminist portraits of the Seven Goddess Sisters seems incongruous with the ethos these portraits aim to uphold. The Ethereum blockchain, on which most NFTs are traded, is notorious for its energy consumption, echoing ecofeminism's concerns over practices that detriment nature and marginalise vulnerable groups.

An ecofeminist standpoint resists nature's commodification; however, NFTs commodify even intangible digital art, potentially diluting the profound significance of the goddesses. Moreover, the exclusivity surrounding cryptocurrencies and NFTs challenges ecofeminism's equity principles, as they can perpetuate existing disparities, and is primarily the “premise of this tech is rooted in exclusion and hypermasculinity.”

Delving deep into digital virtual realms, NFTs might inadvertently distance individuals from authentic ecological connections. Most pertinently, the NFT landscape, propelled more by speculative financial gains than by true essence, diverges from ecofeminist ideals that prioritize nurturing care and environmental balance. While sustainability strides are being made in the NFT space, their current mainstream approach remains at odds with the essence of ecofeminist goddess portrayals.

To align with ecofeminist thought I have chosen to express the majority of my workbook processes through an online blog, limiting the use of natural resources in my inner workings.

Moving forward the final realisation of the portraits is anticipated to take the form of ethereal projections onto night-time foliage, mirroring the celestial elegance of the Pleiades star cluster, which graces our sky only during specific periods. Just as this cluster reveals itself at particular times, I aim to synchronise the luminous display of these portraits with the significant celestial events of equinoxes and solstices. These celestial milestones have deep-rooted ties to the age-old narratives and festivities surrounding the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, making the installation not just a visual treat but also a poignant reminder of the intertwined relationship between the cosmos, Earth's cycles, and ancient tales.

For the purpose of presentation for my Masters Critique the works will be displayed as prints and on screen.


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