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Welcome to the world of Anneke - the artist

Anneke's art practice is a direct reflection of her fascination with the magical universe we live in. Through her multidimensional and multidisciplinary art practice she investigates theories of energetic resonance, seeking to capture depictions of a divine omnipotent presence. She is also interested in the promotion of wellbeing through art as a practice and source of alignment to all there is.

Anneke is currently studying her Masters of Creative Practice specialising in installation and photography.

Anneke Art Classes 2023

Anneke teaches art classes from her studio in Sumner, Christchurch every week.

Classes have 5-6 pax each.

Covering the styles of Picasso, Klee, Rauschenberg, Matisse, Mondrian, McCahon and Warhol.

An 8-week course for $650 or $90 per class.

Each week we cover one artist, allowing one class to catch up on unfinished works.

Quality fine art materials are provided to create artwork you will be proud to have in your home.

Click here for more info.


For over 20 years Anneke has been creating art pieces by commission for homes and businesses around the world. It is her tour de force, her preferred way to work.

Beyond the theoretical application of her own creative inquisitions, Anneke has a talent for creating the perfect piece for her commission based clients; Art that is often the finishing touch to their space, reflecting their taste and energetic alignment and/or requirements. A true artistic gift of divine presence through her art.

Anneke loves manifesting the perfect work to complement the worlds of her clients. Contact her directly for more information...

Anti Gravity

Black , Gold & White

Pleiadian Prophecy

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