Jade Portals

Mandalas, epitomizing cosmic energy and universal serenity, serve as ancient spiritual symbols that highlight our intrinsic relationship with the boundless natural world. In an ecofeminist light, they emphasize the intersectionality of nature, feminine power, and spiritual connection. Anneke Stewart, while pursuing her Masters of Creative Practice, intertwines these themes in her eco-conscious project "As Above So Below." Through her photographic lens, Anneke brings to the forefront the kaleidoscopic beauty of Mandalas, asserting the transformative and nurturing power of art. Her pieces, seamlessly merged with New Zealand's rich, verdant landscape, stand as a testament to the divinity and resilience of Aotearoa and Mother Earth. Drawing from ecofeminist ideals, Anneke's work harnesses vibrations that unite artist and viewer in a collective, earth-centered consciousness. Mandalas, in this narrative, act as eco-spiritual gateways, steering souls towards a harmonious balance with nature and emphasizing unity in the face of patriarchal divides.