Collection: Jade Portals

Mandalas, embodying cosmic energy and universal serenity, are ancient symbols that reveal our deep connection with nature's infinity. Through an ecofeminist lens, they highlight the synergy of nature, feminine strength, and spiritual unity.

Anneke Stewart weaves these themes into an eco-conscious narrative. Her work, which captures the intricate beauty of Mandalas, underscores art's transformative role and its capacity to nurture. Integrating the sacredness of New Zealand's native bush whilst drawing power from the rich Jade/Pounamu vibrations, her pieces not only celebrate the country's lush landscapes but also parallel the sanctity of these elements, reflecting Aotearoa and Earth's divine resilience.

Anneke's creations draw on ecofeminist principles, creating resonances that bind the observer and creator in a shared, eco-centric awareness. Her Mandalas serve as eco-spiritual portals, guiding individuals toward nature's equilibrium and fostering unity against patriarchal fragmentation.