Collection: Chakra Blooms

In companion to Anneke's Masters studies of present, she has created a series of works that seek to acknowledge the divine eminence in the world of spring blooms. Spring is representative of fertility, new life, and feminine power. Anneke'e Masters is an investigation into the stories of the Seven Sisters, through an ecofeminist lens. The different arrangements seek to explore the 7 chakras or energy centres found within the human body, acknowledging the power of Seven. So far 3 chakras are represented in this first release.  

In goddess worship, the arrival of spring holds profound spiritual significance, symbolising the Earth's rejuvenation and the resurgence of life's abundance, mirroring the cyclical nature of existence. This sacred connection to the natural world finds its resonance in the term "Mandala," imbued with a spiritual essence of cosmic energy and universal serenity. Mandala's intricate geometric designs, present in various ancient religions, serve as tangible symbols of our interconnectedness with the infinite, encouraging introspection and contemplation.

Artist Anneke Stewart, deeply attuned to these spiritual subtleties, has adeptly captured the core of Mandalas through her photography. Harnessing the kaleidoscope-like essence of these sacred symbols, she infuses her pieces with an energy that can affect the soul, radiating positivity. Anneke's artworks, expertly merging symmetrical imagery with the natural beauty of New Zealand, become profound expressions of divinity, resonating with the spiritual essence of Aotearoa and the timeless rhythms of the goddess enveloped in spring's embrace.