Collection: Anti Gravity

"Anti Gravity" is a series of paintings by Anneke Stewart, created during the initial 2020 lockdown, drawing inspiration from the natural contours of the Scarborough Cliffs and Whitewash Heads near her Sumner Christchurch home. These pieces embody a state of calm and elevation, contrasting with the tumultuous period of their creation, reflecting Anneke's personal journey through spiritual, emotional, and physical realms during the lockdown.

The chosen palette, especially the nostalgic "Tony's Pink" from her childhood bedroom—developed by family friend and Resene director Tony Nightingale and her mother Pieter Stewart—alongside golds, deep greens, and blues, evoke memories and the natural landscape.

Anneke's work delves into the interplay between nature's positive influence and the intrusive nature of societal and technological frequencies, suggesting their impact on human well-being and connection to the earth. Through a blend of post-colonial and post-modern perspectives, her art seeks to construct new visuals for ancient belief systems within the context of New Zealand's landscape and contemporary art scene. This approach grounds her work in both a local and broader narrative, exploring the balance between nature's beauty and the challenges of modern society.