Anneke Stewart


As an artist deeply rooted in eco-feminist perspectives and dialogue, I seamlessly integrate a myriad of disciplines into my multidimensional artistry. My artistic practice, much like the interconnected web of life, flows as a fluid and ever-evolving entity. I revel in the continuous challenge of not merely visualizing but manifesting the energy of the life force, sparking profound inquiries into the intricate relationship between human programming and our capacity to harmonize with the organic shapes and rhythms that define our existence.

Within the realm of painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography, I wholeheartedly immerse myself in the expression of my life's central theme: capturing those energetic moments in time. My creative journey perpetually revolves around the endeavor to demystify complex quantum concepts and the myriad, often otherworldly, forms they take across a broad spectrum of mediums that I diligently explore. My firm conviction lies in art's transformative potential to influence the energy of the viewer; therefore, my creations are crafted with the intent to radiate a positive presence.

My profound fascination extends to the healing capacities of traditional Buddhist mandala sand art, aligning perfectly with the eco-feminist ethos. Mandalas, found in numerous ancient belief systems, stand as spiritual, geometric embodiments of our intrinsic connection to the infinite. I adapt the kaleidoscopic essence of mandalas to provoke a translation of the very essence of my chosen subjects, with a particular focus on harnessing the power and presence of New Zealand's natural beauty. In essence, my creative odyssey is a profound homage to this natural aesthetic.

At its core, my art practice weaves a post-colonial, post-modern perspective into the fabric of contemporary New Zealand art. In doing so, it constructs a fresh visual narrative that breathes new life into ancient belief systems, all while firmly anchoring my work within the ever-evolving landscape and creative environment of contemporary New Zealand.

Above all, my artistic mission is to create meticulously crafted designs and artworks that pay homage to the Earth. Each piece, proudly New Zealand-made, serves as a conduit for promoting a positive presence in the lives of those who engage with them, in alignment with the eco-feminist principles that underpin my creative journey.

  • Bachelor of Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art Sculpture
  • Masters in Creative Practice currently in progress