Anneke Stewart

Anneke Stewart, as an artist deeply rooted in eco-feminist perspectives and dialogue, seamlessly integrates a myriad of disciplines into her multidimensional artistry. Her artistic practice, akin to the interconnected web of life, flows as a fluid and ever-evolving entity. She revels in the continuous challenge of not merely visualising but manifesting the energy of the life force. This process sparks profound inquiries into the intricate relationship between human programming and the capacity to harmonise with the organic shapes and rhythms that define existence.Through her multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach, she explores the symbiotic relationships that pervade our earthly existence, capturing the divine presence that permeates our ecological systems.

Anneke’s journey as an artist has been marked by a deep reverence for the environment and a commitment to expressing this through her art. Her works are a tribute to the interconnectedness of nature, and each piece is an invitation to contemplate and align with the rhythms of the natural world. This connection to nature is not just a theme in her art; it's a lived principle that guides her creative process.

In Anneke's mandala artwork, one discovers layers of meaning far beyond mere aesthetic allure. These intricate creations draw on the ancient ethos of mandala art, serving as conduits for meditation and introspection. Rooted in a tradition that views art as a pathway to inner peace and enlightenment, Anneke's mandalas are crafted to guide the viewer towards a state of alignment and tranquility. She embraces the transformative power of mandalas, believing that these sacred circles can facilitate healing for both the individual and the planet. Her mandalas are invitations to immerse oneself in a reflective journey, promoting a sense of unity with the natural world and fostering a deep, harmonious connection with the environment. Through this spiritual and artistic practice, Anneke’s work embodies a profound commitment to fostering inner peace and ecological balance, echoing the ancient wisdom that underpins mandala art.

In her painting, Anneke adopts techniques that reflect the spontaneity and resilience of the natural environment. Utilising sustainable principles, her canvases become arenas where the vitality of the earth is both celebrated and contemplated. Her art invites viewers into a dialogue with nature, encouraging a deeper understanding and respect for the delicate balance that sustains us.

As a portrait photographer, Anneke Stewart exhibits remarkable adaptability and professionalism, bringing these qualities to bear in her exploration of the natural world through her lens. Her photography transcends mere documentation, capturing the fleeting beauty of nature and the nuanced interactions between humans and their environment. Anneke’s adaptability allows her to capture a wide range of subjects, from the grandeur of landscapes to the subtleties of human expression within nature. Through her photography, Anneke not only showcases her skill and versatility as a photographer but also reinforces her commitment to using art as a medium for social and ecological advocacy.

Venturing into digital media and NFTs, Anneke embraces the intersection of technology and art to further the reach of her eco-conscious message. By navigating these modern platforms, she leverages the digital landscape to engage broader audiences with her environmental advocacy. Her foray into NFTs, in particular, reflects a thoughtful approach to digital artistry, prioritising platforms that align with her commitment to sustainability, thereby reinforcing the importance of ecological mindfulness in the digital age.

Anneke’s engagement with NFTs underlines her innovative approach to art, merging traditional practices with digital exploration while maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmental ethics. By selecting eco-friendly platforms for her digital works, Anneke ensures her artistic exploration does not compromise her ecological values, thereby setting a precedent for sustainability within the burgeoning field of digital art.

Anneke's work is a compelling invitation to reflect on our place within the natural order and to embrace a lifestyle that honours and preserves the earth’s innate beauty and resources. Her artistry is a testament to her deep commitment to eco-conscious principles, blending a variety of disciplines to echo the intricate patterns and rhythms of the natural world. Her work transcends simple aesthetics, serving as a meditative conduit that invites viewers to harmonise with nature's cadences, thereby advocating for a sustainable and mindful engagement with our environment. Anneke's dedication to these principles shapes not only her creative output but her lifestyle, promoting a vision of coexistence that respects and celebrates the interconnectedness of all life.

  • Bachelor of Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art Sculpture
  • Masters in Creative Practice
  • Co Director of Art Boss Art