Anneke Stewart


As an artist, I incorporate many disciplines into my multidimensional art. My art practice is a fluid and evolving entity. I relish the ongoing challenge of seeking the means to visualise and manifest the energy of the life force, raising questions about the nature of human programming and energy to work in step with the shapes and rhythms that pervade our existence. 

In the production of my painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, I lean into this expression of my life theme of energetic moments in time. I consistently aim to explain complex quantum concepts and their diverse and sometimes otherworldly manifestations via this wide range of mediums that I prolifically work in. I believe art has the power to influence the energy of the viewer so with that in mind I aim to create artwork that has a positive presence.

I have had a long-standing fascination with the healing capabilities of traditional Buddhist mandala sand art. Mandalas are present in many ancient religions; spiritual geometric configurations that aim to represent our relationship to the infinite, drawing the viewer in and creating an opportunity for contemplation. I have adapted the kaleidoscopic nature of the mandala seeking to provoke a translation of the essence of the given subject matter and in particular the power and presence of New Zealand's natural beauty. A large part of my creative journey alludes to this natural aesthetic. 

My art practice in general applies a post-colonial - post-modern perspective to a contemporary New Zealand art practice, constructing a new visual for ancient belief systems whilst grounding my work in the current New Zealand landscape and creative environment. 

I aim to create finely crafted design and artworks that honour the Earth. New Zealand-made art and objects that promote a positive presence in the viewer's life.


  • Bachelor of Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art Sculpture
  • Masters in Creative Practice currently in progress