78. Devi Ānanda

78. Devi Ānanda

Devī Ānanda: Bio and Blub.

Ngati Kuia

Indigo Starseed Neo Shamanic healer, Intuitive, bowen & fascia therapist, Quantum Freedom Therapy Practitioner, Placenta Encapsulation, Shamanic Doula, Yoga Teacher, beloved husband and 5 children. Studied Neo Shamanic School, Dip Sports Science, Dip Advanced, Dip Sports Massage, Bowen Therapy, Bikram Teacher training. My beloved and I own Living Essence NZ, Christchurch. We support Hauora ( health & wellbeing ) for whanau and the community. We offer healings, retreats, yoga and courses. Deeply grateful for this mahi. 💚🌿


Devi and I have known each-other in passing since the 90's but have been working together closely for the past few years. She is an incredible healer and channel. Her work is profound and has been a guiding force for this project. I am so grateful for you Devi. xx

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