80. The Layouts

80. The Layouts

The portraits will eventually be exhibited as individual portraits - large scale photographic prints. Or as light projections. Not as displayed above. But for reasons to compare the imagery I created the above compositions to compare the layouts and backgrounds.

Are the above compositions the best renditions that they could have been for this projects objectives? I am not sure, in hindsight there are certain parts of the photoshoots that I would definitely revisit and do differently. However with the shoots happening in 3 sessions it was difficult to change the compositions once the stage had been set so to speak.

Is this the best for of final outcome for the presentation for the works?

No, I do believe there will be some form of outdoor projection into foliage or trees, or onto land, or over water at some point. The imagery unto itself now exists, and I look forward to the potential of this evolution for the works in due course. As I also believe that these potentials will add weight to the narrative of the works.

My work seeks to tune into an energetic omnipresent interwovenness of all existence, whereby positing that individual healing can ripple outwards, contributing to the collective wellness of our world.

I also advocate that through my connection to MY Seven Spiritual Sisters, and in turn their connections to theirs, and so on, we are ALL connected.

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