30. Anneke Art - 2023 projects -EDM

30. Anneke Art - 2023 projects -EDM

30/1/2023 - Email to my clients and followers.

  • ART BOSS ART: Art rental business with Melissa Sharplin.


2023 is here and the time has come for me to return to complete my Masters of Creative Practice at Ara. My research project is called As Above So Below”, with the subject being the legends of the “Seven Sisters of the Pleiades”. This story is shared by multiple ancient cultures all over the world.

The interlude between starting my Masters degree and now has given me the space to really consider the best approach for my studies. Below is a link to my project on my website, I do encourage you to examine what I am doing as it is an important tale to tell, not only for New Zealanders but also for the world.

I will be venturing back to a medium I have used in the past, Lenticular imaging and combining that with an art platform of the future and present, NFTs. Lenticular imaging makes it possible to print animated and 3D-looking imagery. NFTs allow these formats also to exist in the meta space. I am interested in how this technology can be applied to the theoretical ethos I am pursuing through my Master's studies.

Learn more about my Masters project "As Above So Below" here.



Recently fellow artist Melissa Sharplin and I started a budding new business called Art Boss Art, a uniquely New Zealand art rental, production and dealership company, a joint business venture that we have been discussing for many years. 

Early last year we were approached by a client in Wanaka to fit out their rental apartments. Word of mouth has since grown our business to 8 commercial (ie not private homes) clients and counting including Brannigans and Forsyth Barr in Christchurch and recently the fit-out of four boutique BnBs in Dunedin. Our service areas are Otago and Canterbury, at this stage.

With over 44 years of experience between us, Melissa & I possess an adaptable and broad collective skills base that allows our budding business the agility and capability to produce artwork specifically for any brief or environment. Our talents coupled with a growing number of guest artists provide the creative capacity to respond confidently to our client's curatorial specifications.

Art rental allows the client the flexibility to update the look and feel of their environment without the added commitment of an expensive artwork that does not fit their evolving aesthetic.

With the amplitude to cater to small private clients through to large-scale commercial installations and fit-outs, Art Boss Art draws from our extensive and growing collective art library, offering fine art and photography at affordable rental and purchase prices.

Art Boss Art is in its essence, a subscription-based art rental model. We make having beautiful art in people’s lives affordable and attainable.

I spent a good part of last year laying the technical foundations and establishing the platforms and capabilities required to start a business of this kind. We are now ready to rock! But with all businesses starting out we will not be drawing an income from the business until we hit the mark of 30-40 clients. 

We are currently looking for investors for our startup, as we are pitching for large projects, capital investment is high on our list of requirements to answer to the level of production we know we can adhere to. If you would like to discuss possible involvement in our business please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will send you our elevator pitch.


New website to launch with click through rental capability at the end of February.



The process of finding ones creative voice can be incredibly cathartic and healing, and All of us have a creative being buried within waiting to find an outlet. When you create art you become a vessel for creativity; life force energy in motion channelled into specific mediums. 

In my workshops students learn techniques that allow them to confidently express their inner truth through their work. I give them the tools that help lay a strong foundation for a creative practice, tools that are inspired by some of the artists and techniques that have informed my own personal art practice. 

Once someone has the tools to tap into that creative flow, a whole new journey to self-discovery unfolds in front of them.

Art Class Testimonial:
“Anneke generously shares her knowledge and experience as an artist. The small group allows plenty of interaction with the tutor as well as with the other students.
With Anneke’s feedback and encouragement, and inspiration from a different artist each week, you can create art you’ll be proud to frame.
Anneke’s classes have motivated me to develop my creativity further.” -
Heather McDonald. Art Class Student 2022

Click the link HERE to see all the exciting workshops I have on offer.



An opportunity has arisen in my local community in Sumner to buy a small yet sustainable business to help support our family whilst Art Boss Art is in its start-up phase and whilst I finish my Masters. Coupled with teaching art classes, Ant and I believe this established business is a logical addition to our unconventional creative lives.

The business is called Staples Sation. Established by a local mum just before the lockdown to answer the need for sustainable access to staples for the pantry and home. Laura beautifully converted a horse float trailer into a dry store on wheels. I have been buying my staples from her every week for the last 2 years at the local market on Saturdays. Laura is selling her beloved business as she must go back to nursing or she will lose her nursing qualifications.

On acquiring this business I would be able to maintain and grow its present revenue streams, it would also allow me the space and time to parent consciously, continue my Masters studies and art classes, and get Art Boss Art off the ground.


In support of my Masters I have created a patronage programme as well as a patreon page. Patrons are eligible for a tax rebate on their donation.

But more than anything I would love your attention and awareness to my journey as I embark on what will be an incredibly big year in my Art practice and professional life. Your support is gratefully and graciously welcomed.

Please feel free to share this email with your friends and whanau.

Ngā mihi aroha


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