Anneke Art Workshops

About Workshops with Anneke Art  

The process of finding your creative voice can be incredibly cathartic and healing, and All of us have a creative being buried within waiting to find an outlet. When you create art you become a vessel for creativity; life force energy in motion channelled into specific mediums.

In my workshops, you will learn techniques that will allow you to confidently express your inner truth through your work. I will give you tools that will lay a strong foundation for your creative practice, tools that are inspired by some of the artists that have inspired my own personal art practice, along with techniques I love! Once you have the tools to tap into that creative flow, a whole new journey to self-discovery unfolds in front of you. 

The classes are aimed at adults or mature young adults. Group homeschooling classes are available on request. Please contact Anneke directly if you wish to learn more.