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Anneke Art

Broken River - Small Mandala Print

Broken River - Small Mandala Print

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Broken River - Small Square Print

These 297mm x 297mm prints can come unframed, or framed in a white frame.

The Winter Mandala Collection is a collection of subtle photographic Mandalas that relay the tranquillity of the cold winter months. Combining the artist’s desire to reflect the power of symmetrical imagery with the austerity of the natural environment this beautiful group of artworks resonates with a quiet and peaceful calm.

The original photographic images are from Anneke's archives, taken at different times over the last 20 years, the most recent at Broken River in 2014. With Lake Hawea taken in 2004 and Golden Bay somewhere in between. 

The serene calm and detail of imagery pull the viewer in offering a place of contemplation, intuition, and introspection; the power of the Mandala is intended for spiritual contemplation. 

  • Anneke Art Mandala designs.
  • Designed and printed in New Zealand.
  • Hand-signed by the artist. 
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