Mandala Prints

The NZ Mandala Collections are an exploration of the divinity embodied in native New Zealand flora and landscapes. Combining the artist’s desire to reflect the power of the symmetrical imagery with the austerity of the natural environment this beautiful group of artworks resonates with a quiet and peaceful calm.

The term Mandala is applied to any form that represents cosmic energy in the physical world and reminds the viewer of universal serenity and grace. Mandalas are present in many ancient religions; spiritual geometric configurations that aim to represent our relationship to the infinite. They draw the viewer in, creating an opportunity for contemplation. Artist Anneke Stewart has adapted the kaleidoscopic nature of the Mandala seeking to provoke a translation of the essence of the given subject matter. Anneke believes art has the power to influence the energy of the viewer so with that in mind she aims to create artworks that emanate positivity. Anneke first started creating Photographic Mandalas in 2005. Since then Anneke has gone on to create over 400 Mandala images.