11. The Pleiadean Prophecy

11. The Pleiadean Prophecy


At the end of 2020 a ancient prophecy was to be fulfilled by a collection of 12 indigenous elders at Uluru in central Australia. A Pleiadean prophecy. The prophecy claimed that on the 21st of December the activation of a ancient box of Pleiadean crystals would be found and activated at Uluru by the 12 Aboriginal wisdom keepers to whom this sacred knowledge had been handed down to over millennia of generations. 
I didn't know about this at the time of doing these paintings and was actually somewhat confused by the Australian outback like landscapes, but went with it. And whether the prophecy be true or not I was fascinated by the implications that it might be, that this knowledge connected so intrinsically to the "Seven Sisters" story had apparently so safely guarded by the elders for so so long. The ceremony did go ahead, a global meditation took place, the results of which however are yet to be disclosed.


So came the name of my Masters project: “As above, So below".

We know where we are by way of the stars.
They help us monitor exactly where we are on Earth, our navigation tool, the keepers of knowledge throughout time. Utilising the stars as signifiers allows an openness that will not inhibit the depth to which I can develop this project.

I have made a deliberate departure from the Mandala as a final outcome to this project, they may still be involved in some way, but probably not as I initially had intended. However it is the connection between ancient civilizations and the wheel of time that led me to investigate the stories of the "Seven Sisters", and ultimately how I must have landed this collection of paintings in the outback.

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