36. The Original Chakra Story - The Seven Portraits

36. The Original Chakra Story - The Seven Portraits


When living in London 20 years ago, I came into contact with a group of talented musicians, makeup artists, stylists and more who banded together to work on the possibility of creating a chakra Lenticular collection together. The idea was to create a collection of 7 portraits/animated flips, each exploring the colour and energy of each chakra or human energy centre. The images in this post depict some of the frames from the test shoot whereby we explored the base or root chakra - the colour obviously being red.

Although the project went no further, visa's and travel coming in between myself and the projects realisation in a time where the internet was a dial up story and sending images was still by cd, it never left the back of my mind as something I wished to see through. I think now might be the time to revisit aspects of this project, in a more thorough and clear way.

I would like to create portraits of the Seven Sisters, by notion of Seven Archetypes of Seven women who are close to me personally, My Seven Sisters. I believe through the Seven Sisters in my life we are connected to every single woman on the planet, each sister has their own Seven Sisters, and so it goes, spreading out all over the planet like a web of connectivity, wholeness.

This project for me is about connection. We are ALL ONE UNDER THE STARS! We are all connected by our simple connections with each-other, the stars above us and the land beneath our feet. We do not need ownership of anything other than our own light and truth to know we are all one. When are are grounded in our truth fully we are also at one with ourselves, we are whole, and that power is the light that connects us with the every entity in the universe. 

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