14. The 12

14. The 12


Marquette for "The 12" lightbox installation 2005
  • Although never realised this proposed installation was due to be installed in the Christchurch Art Centre, however I was unable to secure funding at the time.
  • The work proposed a narrative exploring the 7 chakras or energy centres that exist within the body, with different photographic light painting patterns in each lightbox.
  • The number 12 features significantly not only in Christian dialogue with the 12 apostles but also in Maori cosmology with the 12 heavens, as well as the 12 astrological star signs, to name just a few.
  • This work was originally inspired by the knowledge in the Song of the Waitaha by Barry Brailsford. Song honours the number 12, namely by the chosen 12 who traversed the great southern alps in 7 days opening the 7 gates of the peace trail, retracing the steps of the Waitaha ancestors and reinvigorating their lore.
  • Carrying the format forward, I feel strongly that the arrangement of my Masters sculptural work should be circular and/or symmetrical.
  • From a place of enclosure one can face upward, or outward, knowing we are contained within the sanctuary of the circle.
  • There are plans to realise this sculpture independent of my Masters studies in 2021 to be exhibited at a two notable light festivals in New Zealand, if funding allows. -> (The 12 give-a-little link is coming soon)
  • The installation process of this work will help inform the technical aspects of my final Masters project.
  • The depth of knowledge incorporated in the Song of the Waitaha bridges gaps of ancient knowledge that must be carefully praised and represented hence the diluted explanation offered here, but will duly follow and be told once this piece is finally installed.
Proposed materials: Steel light boxes with perspex lenses and solar powered LED lighting systems.

Song of Waitaha: Histories of a Nation 

by Barry Brailsford
(as reviewed by GoodReads.com)
At last our story is told. Now the brave ancestors we have hidden for so long stand again for all to see. With these words the Elders of Waitaha tell us that their ancient and sacred lore is shared for the first time. Bound in secrecy for centuries, protected through the ages by those who gave their lives to keep it safe, this knowledge travels out of the past to be revealed in Song of Waitaha . For years New Zealand archaeologists have been puzzled by a people who lived without weapons and created trading systems that moved industrial stone the length of the country. These writings explain they were a peaceful confederation of over two hundred iwi known as the Nation . It tells their story from the dawn-time of exploration and settlement to the final days. Song of Waitaha repairs the torn fabric of our past and opens doors into the future. If we are not gentle with life, the garden within us dies. The Histories tell of a society where many peoples walked in harmony with each other. It shows how they honored the land and waters to sustain life harvesting birds and fish to increase the numbers, cutting tall trees for waka and leaving the forest stronger, carving stone without breaking its spirit, respecting the rivers keeping the environment in balance. This treasure from the days of the ancestors journeys out of timeless realms where the people and the land were one beneath the stars. It carries wisdom born of the ancient trails of the spirit and adds a thousand years of wonder to our past. It reminds us if we lose our story we lose our dream.

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