24. Research Project:    “As Above So Below”

24. Research Project: “As Above So Below”


Revised and finalised research project questions:

Research Project:    “As Above So Below”

Domain: Installation & Photography

Mission Statement: To create a body of artwork that reflects and embodies a connection to divinity or prime creator, via the integration of Earthly environments in correlation to the Pleiades star cluster; a collection of artworks that seek to provoke a connection to the divine in my daily life.

Research Questions: 

  • How can I best manifest a collection of artworks that embody our Earthly connection to the stars? In particular the Pleiades/Matariki.
    • What are examples of different cultural connections to the Pleiades, past present, future? 
    • How can sculptures of the Pleiades be used to reconnect to a ritual art practice/spiritual reconnection in a present context?
    • In what ways can a ritual connection to the Pleiades be actualised without reappropriating cultural symbology or ritual process, but at the same time respect and honour ancient ritual and process?
    • Is it possible to manifest artworks that align with the Pleiades star cluster in correlation with Taylors Mistake, Banks Peninsular, Canterbury; utilising Taylors as the primary site for my research project.
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