44. Departure from Sculptures & a move towards Portraits

44. Departure from Sculptures & a move towards Portraits

After establishing the 3 different portals in the 3 different spaces that triangulated the Canterbury Plains, I have decided to no longer create sculptural artworks for my Masters project, instead, I am opting for photographic portraits of 7 women in my life, who I consider my spiritual sisters. 

I believe that through our direct spiritual whanau/family, we are all connected to every single person on this planet. This is a foundation has now become the basis of my project.

The reason I am no longer basing my art works in physical locations is relative to a numbers of issues and processes.

Firstly I want to draw on my known skills base, expanding and refining it. I am a competent photographer and I love photography. I love fashion and portrait photography. I also believe this is a skill that could be a source of regular income over and above my art practice once my Masters is complete. With a solid background in the industry I have an eye of beautiful photographic portraiture and I wish to apply this to the theme of my thesis project.

Secondly, I am unable to base my works in the land without the mis-appropriation of place; undue claim of ownership of place. I am a pakeha, a white woman who by cultural standards, who has no claim to the land whence I am born. I Do wish to however maybe create and photographic light installations into the spaces I placed the portals, even just for an evening in order just to procure the imagery. I think this would add great value and meaning to the project. As these would neither be permanent or semi permanent interactions with the land, it would instead be a photoshoot as such, requiring nothing of place other than the reverence of the beauty of those spaces therein.

Thirdly I need to be realistic about what time I have to create successful outcomes that would also be of use to my future as an artist in the current art market, whilst fruitfully exploring and exemplifying the very Deep meanings associated with the basis of my project; "As Above So Below" ; the Seven Sister of the Pleiades, M45, Matariki; this noble and ancient dialogue shared by multiple cultures around the world. 

Finally I think this project if based in a photographic medium has the potential to become more than itself, it could be an application created to personify the personal traits of any given subject or Woman who steps into the place of portrait of a sister, making us all one under the stars.

I am very passionate about this project being one of connection, personifying and strengthening personal connections through exemplifying the power of the individual.

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