38. The Taylors Mistake Temple

38. The Taylors Mistake Temple

Taylors Mistake holds a very dear space in my heart. I chose to invoke an occult energetic temple here, along with Maungati and Castle Hill. All three were activated in December 2022 before Summer Solstice. I used the process as advised by Freddy Silva in his book and video Temple Making.

Even though the sculptural forms and rocks utilised to create the temple are no longer there, it is understood that the energy when I temple of this kind is created the energy remains - it is occult. 

Through this process I was able to integrate and connect with this space as a possible location for my semi permanent sculptural outcomes. I found the space instantly grounding and nurturing, and still do when I visit no matter the weather. I still think some form of light installation here would be beautiful, astonishing and brilliant. 

In all three spaces a piece of a broken clear quartz wand has been buried and still remains, connecting all three energy portals and making them one. These are images from the Taylors invocation.

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