25. The Portals - an introduction

25. The Portals - an introduction

12/6 2021

Throughout the last few months I have visited the locations of Taylors Mistake and the Hunters Hills repeatedly. These are two of the three chosen places for my temple like installations. With the help and guidance of my spiritual masters I have constructed two portals or temples using local stone, found objects and my intention. These portals are now open according to the ancient art of temple making. The energy there is now occult , or hidden. When I return to these points of power I can feel the intense alignment that is energetically heightened just by being there. It is wonderful - magical even!

The process of creating these spaces has given me a clear understanding of how I wish to create the artworks to accompany these places of Earth worship. The original concept of large outdoor sculptures has evolved into something smaller and light activated that is easily transportable and bespoke.

I will describe the process for each temple activation in more detail in the following project progress entries, followed by the designs for the sculptural works.

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