39. The Eclipse - The Maungati / Korimako Temple

39. The Eclipse - The Maungati / Korimako Temple

The second occult temple was invoked and placed in a native bush enclave at my best friend and business partners home in Maungati, called Korimako. This gorgeous virgin bush, one of the few remaining pockets of which in this region, is home to a multitude of native birds and and is truly magical. Specifically the spot Melissa and I chose to create the temple/mediation circle was directly behind the grove where her miscarried baby was buried, along with the two puppies she has lost in the last two years. The temple was a way of making sacred with space, to protect the graves and alchemise the energy therein.

Unfortunately I have no photographic imagery of us creating the temple. Melissa will be sending me some imagery of how it is now, soon. In the meantime I have included in this post the images from the Eclipse that occurred on this same trip south, as well as imagery from exploring Korimako.

Total lunar eclipse on November 9 2020


The above shot is the Pleiades and the Lunar Eclipse shot by Daniel J Stein Photography.

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