52. Atlas & Pleione - & The 7 Sisters RSS

52. Atlas & Pleione - & The 7 Sisters -

5/6/2023 Ancient Greek Atlas and Pleione Pleione lived in a southern region of Greece called Arcadia, on a mountain named Mount Kyllini. She married the Titan Atlas and gave birth to the Hyades, Hyas and the Pleiades. She was also the protectress of sailing. Greek mythology offers a more direct reference to the Pleiades. They were the seven daughters of the Titan Atlas and sea-nymph Pleione. Pursued relentlessly by Orion, a giant huntsman, their narrative culminated in their transformation into doves and, subsequently, stars to escape his advances. This tale of pursuit and transformation resonates with ecofeminist sentiments. The Pleiades'...

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