Te Kohanga Collection 1 #3 - Round

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Te Kohanga Collection 3 #1 - Round

Te Kohanga Collection 1

To the Waitaha, Te Kohanga at Castle Hill, Kura Tawhiti, in New Zealand's central South Island, is known as the 'birthplace of the Gods'. As Anneke pursues her Masters in Creative Practice, she has explored the profound connections to this spiritually rich land. Her Mandala creations aim to encapsulate the deep beauty of this location, though they are but reflections of its true essence. The "Te Kohanga Collection 1" is inspired by images from this site, historically an astronomical 'observatory' for the Waitaha. Accompanying this collection, NFT artworks will be released, amplifying the animated essence of these compositions. At its core, the sentiment remains: 

"We are all one under the stars."


All rounds are custom-made to order.

Expect a 2-week production time before shipping.


  • The mandala rounds are printed on board and hung flush against the wall.
  • The standard sizes are 600mm, 800mm and 1200mm in diameter and are limited editions.
  • Custom sizes are available on request.
  • The works are also available as Square prints – stockist inquiries are welcome.
  • Please email Anneke if you have any inquiries.
  • Anneke Art Mandala designs.
  • Designed and printed in New Zealand.
  • Limited edition prints hand signed by the artist.