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Sacred Kowhai 1 - Lightbox

Sacred Kowhai 1 - Lightbox

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Sacred Kowhai 1 - Light boxes

The kowhai, with its vibrant yellow blooms, holds a sacred place in New Zealand culture, symbolising the arrival of spring and serving as a poignant emblem of renewal, growth, and deep-rooted connections between the land and its people.

  • All Anneke Art Mandalas can be ordered as light boxes. Limited editions apply.
  • Light Boxes come in 2 sizes, 600mm x 600mm x 150mm @ $2999, and 1000mm x 1000mm x 200mm @ $5999.
  • LED lighting with a solid hardwood frame to order.
  • All of the Mandala Collections can be ordered as Light Boxes.

All lightboxes are custom-made to order.

Expect a 3-week production time before shipping.

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