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Ommm - Large 5 - work on paper

160mm x 382mm unframed 

These beautiful works were created in conjunction with the Terra Nova Foundation for their original logo design. 


The Terra Nova Foundation connects people to the planet, by helping people act consciously and confidently to create positive change in the world. Because despite an increasingly rapid decline of personal and planetary wellbeing, there is hope. 

We can have a new world, a renewed earth, terra nova, but it requires great change. Change in the way we live, the way we work and the way we connect.

It's time to go beyond curbing or compensating for how we behave - and instead question how we can fundamentally alter how well we contribute to our planet.

The Terra Nova Foundation helps individuals, communities and businesses find the best way forward for all living beings here on earth.


For more formation please follow the link above to the foundation website.

%5 of the proceeds from the Ommm artwork sales will be donated to the Terra Nova Foundation.